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Tancrède d’Aspremont LyndenCommunity Manager and Vice-President of UStart LLN between 2017 and 2019, is currently studying at UCLouvain where he is pursuing a Master’s degree in Communication and Public Relations, with a major in Entrepreneurship – CPME, ranked Nr. 2 worldwide Best Master in Entrepreneurship.

His entrepreneurial journey

Our Alumnus of the Week’s entrepreneurial journey begins when he joined How I Met My Cofounders (HIMMC), as a partner after participating at one of their events in July 2016. Described by him as the starting point of his entrepreneurial journey, this experience was a spark. Especially thanks to his meeting with an exceptional entrepreneur, the founder of HIMMC.

In 2017, when he left the HIMMC boat for academic reasons, he joined UStart Louvain-La-Neuve and launched his chain of entrepreneurial podcasts. It was done: our Alumni had tasted entrepreneurship, and could not do without it anymore!

His channel called “L’Ambassade” publishes interviews with entrepreneurs active in a wide range of fields.

From 2017 to 2018, he set himself the objective of publishing one interview per week. This was an exciting challenge, especially since it allowed him to increase the number of meetings and expand his network. It was a way of building his personal brand, an important element in a professional life.

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Today, #LAmbassade includes 67 episodes combining 16.000 listenings, available on SoundCloud. That’s something to be inspired by…

“UStart, is a gateway to Entrepreneurship, a «playground»”

UStart, a gateway to Entrepreneurship

His time in UStart was not insignificant either. Qualifying the club as a « gateway to the world of entrepreneurship », he also likes to compare it metaphorically to a « playground » or « buffet »: within UStart, many positions and skills are made available to its members who should try it one by one to discover what we really like.

UStarters have the opportunity to test, explore and touch on many experiences that they can pass on to their future lives. This was the knowledge that our Alumni learned from it.

In 2019, while he is still in school, Sortlist‘s doors open to him following a successful university internship.

Sortlist helps companies to find and work with the marketing agencies best suited to their needs.

The former UStarter is responsible for branding and content strategy to strengthen the company’s brand image. A perfect fit given the skills he has developed through his previous experiences (UStart, Podcasts, etc.), especially since no one had previously dedicated themselves to it. A key player in this brand creation.

A well-crafted career path, yet full of opportunities and unforeseen events that the young student knew how to exploit to build himself personally and make the most of in his professional life.

This is an interesting parallel that can be drawn with the world of entrepreneurship: Despite the solid foundations that a company requires, its success is largely the cause of seized opportunities and integrated contingencies.

To close this second article, our Alumni recommends the following reading which explains how to transform a PASSION into a BUSINESS:

So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love,” Cal Newport (September 18, 2012).

Author: Florian Dothée – Community Manager of UStart Liège