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  • Current Job: Co-founder at Spentys. His master in Business Engineer was not even over that Louis-Philippe decided to launch Spentys with his friend Florian. Spentys aims to reinvent orthopedics through 3D printing. 
  • Local club: UStart Belgium.
  • Year in the club: 2014-2016.
  • Mission in UStart: He is also one of the co-founder of the UStart network and help it to spread accross 7 universities.


Spentys is a 3D printing platform for orthopedic medical devices ​ Spentys wants to improve the quality of life of people suffering from a broken bone injury. It aims to revolutionize the orthopedic industry by 3D printing custom – made immobilisation devices.

The process is here divided in 3 steps, even though our solution is totally automatic to facilitate its integration in the medical field.
The whole process is automatic, centralised and managed by the Spentys Platform.

Louis-Philippe and UStart

Louis-Philippe quit UStart in 2016 but a year later, he made his reappearance at the SESSY awards with his entrepreneurial project Spentys. The jury was not composed with any UStart members but saw all the potential in this new technology and awarded him with the prize Student Startup of the year! 

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